It’s a furtastic feeling, it’s Friday and the furs are fully funded!

Yesterday morning (April 5th) just before 8am, the Kickstarter campaign came to an end. It was a very dramatic last week and it finished, I’m pleased and also extremely grateful to report fully funded. There are 205 superb supporters of At Home With The Furries, time for a furry conga…

London Furries Winter Ball

The target I set at the beginning of the campaign was reached early on Wednesday morning, a good 24 hours before the deadline, so this is a double celebration.

A special thanks to all the supporters who not only pledged, but also tweeted, shared and mentioned the campaign to everyone they know. Thanks to you, we managed to get this over the line.  I’ll be writing about the campaign and book plans in more detail over the coming weeks.

In the meantime here’s a few pictures from the beginning of the project, at RBW 2008 to photoshoots, selfies and more. There are some great memories here, shoots with dragons, rabbits, demon lords and bats to name a few.


If you missed out on the campaign and would like to pre-order a copy of the book, At Home With The Furries, you will be able to do that via Stay Free Publishing next week.

I’ll be talking about the furry project at FFEATURED 15, on April 19th at The Signal in Forest Hill, South East London, tickets available here

In the meantime, connect with me:



Thanks fur all your support



Traverse 50 exhibition


Traverse 50 exhibition

Just got the press release through, what a fantastic lead picture, I wonder who the photographer could be…

Behind the scenes…

King of the Dishes-Stuart Martin-Traverse 50

Last Friday, I met up with Stuart Martin, he’s a stage actor with the National Theatre of Scotland and a writer of numerous dramas, including his latest play: Dream On.

This shoot was a collaboration between me and Stuart and the finished image will be exhibited at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh on the 21st September, as part of their group show, Traverse 50 in association with Writer Pictures.

Stuart had recently come back from San Francisco, where he had been on tour with the National Theatre of Scotland performing in a play for two months, oh the glitz and the glamour.

Immediately I set him to task washing up, I mean honestly San Francisco to South East London is a good trade in my book. The least you can do is don the marigolds and get busy.

We were shooting at my favourite coffee shop, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers in Hither Green, I exhibited my landscape series: Perceived Patterns there last year.

Asked earlier in the process, Stuart revealed that he likes to write kitchen sink dramas, which is oddly convenient. Not like I planned this at all.

Stuart Martin, actor and writer of Kitchen Sink Dramas

Check out those cakes, they were rather good

I'm sure he's thinking  how on earth I managed to drag him across London for this one-time exclusive gig doing the dishes in a coffee shop

I’m sure he’s thinking how on earth I managed to drag him across London for this one-time exclusive gig doing the dishes in a coffee shop


Tom Broadbent

Stuart Martin

Traverse Theatre

Writer Pictures