It’s that Furday feeling..again


Friday is a special day for the furries, there’s a tradition of posting photographs on social media under the hashtag fursuitfriday, (#fursuitfriday) Have a look and see what my fellow fuzzies are up to!

London Furries Winter Ball

A classic #fursuitfriday image of Marshall

In campaign news, the At Home With The Furries Kickstarter is now up to 44% backed with 85 supporters, there are 19 days left so worth getting pledges in sooner rather than later. One thing that’s worth mentioning is that the funds are only taken from backers at the end of the campaign, April 5th. And that’s assuming the target is met, no target, no money and that’s the end of the story. But we don’t want to do that, oh no! Fingers and paws crossed. Click here


The furries are hugging to get this project over the line

In publicity news, Cosmopolitan interviewed me for their website (the US version) and did a really nice job with the feature. The conversation took place over the phone and I’m pleased that the journalist Kaitlin Menza included my anecodotes about furries, scalies and featheries. Thanks to the photo editor, Kathleen Kamphausen for organising that. See here

At Home With The Furries

Lupus Londonwolf and Alfa Fox

Finally, I was pleased to hear from an old friend, Wolfy who I got to know at one of my very first furmeets in London. It was one of those classic situations where I was with some friends and I noticed he was on his own, we got chatting and it turned out he knew me through the magazine, Bizarre ( I used to be the photo editor there) he was a keen reader and we have kept in touch since through social media and the odd furmeet and convention. He backed the book this week and tweeted the following.


Wolfy by the artist-VHSrat

Art by VHSrat

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 17.59.27

I asked Wolfy about the furry fandom and what it meant to him
“Before (the furries) I had no social life. Struggled like hell with people and often had panic attacks. It wasn’t until I started to go to furry meets that I actually felt connected with people. For the most part the people were friendly and welcoming and very understanding. I still struggle at times in crowds but I have been to conventions, done furry camping. Things that would have scared the hell out of me 10 years ago”
To support the Kickstarter campaign to turn  At Home With The Furries into a published photobook, have a look here and thanks
There are plenty of fantastic rewards available, postcards, limited edition prints, the book and lots of actual fur, including slipcases and tote bags. You can pledge any amount to back the campaign. Click here and let Pazuzu tell you more
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FIXPhoto opens with some very special guests

Last Thursday saw the grand opening of FIXPhoto at the Bargehouse on the Southbank , a huge exhibition of cutting edge photography organised by L A Noble gallery with 22 artists showcasing their work including Emily Allchurch, Lisa Creagh, Einar Sira, Robert Clayton and yours truly.

Picture: Neil Massey

The turnout was spectacular and one or two furries made an appearance which went down well. Zuki the gargoyle, Sticks the Fox, Edward Fuzzypaws, Bhavvels Bunny, Quartermane and Kreek put on a performance which people are still talking about. Yes I might have said, ‘explore the four floors of art and photography and have some fun’

Picture: Neil Massey

Outside the gallery. Picture: Neil Massey


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Looks familiar! Bhavvels Bunny with well…himself. Picture: Neil Massey


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Sticks, Zuki and Bhavvels in the gallery with Ed Thompson’s The Unseen project behind them


Here are all the details for the exhibition, which usefully has a coffee shop and bar on the premises.

The writer David Secombe wrote about the exhibition on the London Column here. Here’s an excerpt: “A nod to Lewis Carroll isn’t inappropriate, given that the furry domain shares some of the dreamy charm, transformative power and moral complexity that he represents. That seems obvious enough. But the image of the stag invokes the iconography of the pre-civilized mind and a time when woods were feared and venerated. This stag is a forest god; one that might be worshipped as part of the sacred, time-honoured rituals of Summerisle

The exhibition closes on Sunday, the 22nd at 8.30pm.

The work is on sale as editioned signed prints, framed and unframed.

Thanks to Zuki, Bhavvels, Albrecht, Pickle, Edward and Sticks for the wonderful support.





The furries hit Norway

It’s always nice when you’re contacted out of the blue by a magazine wanting to use the At Home With The Furries project. 360 magazine from Norway wanted to use four of the images in a feature called The Playful People. They ran with Pazuzu and Fruitloop, Fangorn, Zuki and Aggie.

It’s in the May/June ‘Playful’ issue and can be seen here on this link.

Thanks to Emma Olsen @ 360 Magazine and David & Graham @ Eyevine





Fangorn The Tiger- At Home With The Furries

After we’d breathed fire with Saethwr, we headed off to Swansea to meet up with a tiger.

Fangorn tweeted me after the Sunday Times ran the furry series saying he would love to take part in the project, and once I’d seen his suit I had to agree. It’s what we call in the trade a partial and was made by Clockwork Creature in the states, they specialise in the more realistic type suits: think Pazuzu and Zuki. (I’m turning into a bit of a furry geek I’m afraid)

Anyway he’s a tiger. We’d discussed a couple of ideas which were relevant to his character and his home life. One was he liked to play banjo, the other the small matter of him being a full fledged Jedi, yes with the lightsaber and everything.

I always like it when the furries mix up their fandoms, it’s as though they’re the A-listers of cos-play.

No videos on this one I’m afraid, mainly because my glamorous assistant was holding a light for both set-ups, I know what a slacker!!

Banjo in the garden was the first set-up, we had to work fast as the sun was dropping and we had the perfect spot on the bench.

Fangorn started finger picking the Deliverance soundtrack

Play that deliverance song again Sam (Picture: Matt Writtle)

"I'll never turn to the dark side" Sorry wrong caption

“I’ll never turn to the dark side” ( sorry wrong caption)   (Picture: Matt Writtle)

With shaking hands, whether it was the heat or the speed we were working: I wasn’t sure but I did appreciate the lemon tea served up by Mrs Fangorn Snr.

Once that was out of the way, Fangorn made a swift change into his Jedi suit and we did a few shots of him in his living room. It isn’t always the case that I need the furries to be looking away from camera, concentrating on something else. Sometimes them looking at camera with a few suggestive details around them is just as strong.

"I am your father" ( sorry wrong caption again ) (Picture: Matt Writtle)

“I am your father” ( sorry wrong caption again ) (Picture: Matt Writtle)

I’m editing the final shots at the moment and they’re very special, definitely more Empire Strikes Back than Return of The Jedi.

Up next is a surprise, but I promise you it will be pawsome!! (Okay okay, that’s a shocker, sorry)