At Home With The Furries and The Sunday Times Magazine

The aim of my photo project: At Home With The Furries has been and always will be to make a book and exhibition with the images. About a year ago, at one of the regular furry meets, I was having a catch-up with my furry friends and I spoke to them about getting the series placed in a broadsheet supplement. Mainly in order to give the series added impetus and publicity. They were very supportive of this idea, as they have been of the entire project, from beginning to end ( well near the end at least!!). Couldn’t have done it without you all, cheers guys!!

At Home With The Furries

Yesterday was a good day for the project. Mainly because The Sunday Times Magazine bought the feature and ran it over three pages in Spectrum

STI03Y1GG_spectrum.indd STI03Y1GG_spectrum.indd

But this is not something that just happened overnight, as with all long term projects, it’s been a long journey to this point and in some ways, it only feels like the beginning of another one.

Meeting up with Sophie Chapman-Andrews who is the head of art buying for the advertising agency: McCann in London gave me the impetus to release the project. This was in October last year, she loved the furry project and wanted to do something on her blog about it. At the beginning of this year, she posted here. Then she contributed a blog post to Feature Shoot about the furries and then the internet picked up on the furries and my website went stratospheric.

Here is an extra special treat; Slideluck featured the furries with a very special soundtrack a few weeks ago at their Austin event. Worth a look here

At Home With The Furries

It’s a very proud moment for me. Of course every photographer worth his/her salt hopes that their work will find it’s way into the best publications in the world at some point. I’d also like to add that I’m mostly proud of the furries, who have granted me access and allowed me to tell me about a little bit of their very fascinating lives.

If you’re interested to know more about the project, to order a print or just to say hello, email me here

If you’re a furry and you’d like to be involved in the project, drop me a line.

You can find me on twitter as well under: broadbentius


5 thoughts on “At Home With The Furries and The Sunday Times Magazine

  1. This is brilliant! Must nab a copy from someone.

    Met Harry Borden (he is my brother’s mate from school) on the train from Devon the other day and ended up talking Furries like you do …. n Hope you had a good night on Sat …. n

    Nikki Spencer Freelance journalist & media tutor 0208 318 4988 / 0791 992 5761

    • Harry’s a top man, I showed him the first images from the series a few years ago in Perpignan. He was very encouraging. Thanks for the comments, it’s appreciated!!

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