In bad taste?

Just received the latest copy of View magazine in the post, which on the whole is a fantastic magazine. News and portrait pictures from front to back. DPS, doubletrucks, full pagers and all the rest. Really lovely stuff.
It’s published by Stern magazine, the German news weekly and it’s essential reading, well for me looking at as my German is not that great at the moment.
In the latest issue, they have an advertorial for Stern and I have to admit, after I got the translation sorted via a colleague of mine. I was slightly taken aback. Was it really a great idea to comp together a dynamic swimming picture with a news image from the Tsunami in Japan, from earlier this year?
Rough translation is:
We show people who go to their limits
and disasters that break all the boundaries


2 thoughts on “In bad taste?

  1. yeah, pretty bad.

    but not as bad as this Fukushima photo story by James Nachtwey:

    This is clearly a story on “the hero’s the fukushima” as it is titled and explained in the summary text.

    Inserting this single photo, which evokes memories of radiation-induced birth defects, shot in Miyagi (not Fukushima), is like trying to pass off a photo of a car accident victim as a war atrocity. It’s inappropriate, misleading, dishonest, and wrong.

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